Mountlake Terrace Auto Accident Injury Center

If you have been in a car accident and are suffering neck pain, headaches, upper back and should pain, low back pain, wrist and knee pain - and you are looking for a treatment center that will help you get better - you need to call us today and schedule an appointment.

Our Mountlake Terrace team specializes in helping people heal and repair injured muscles, joints and ligaments resulting from motor vehicle collisions.

Mountlake Terrace Car Accident Injury Care Specialist

We help you identify all the areas of your body that have been injured, and then put together a treatment pathway designed to fix and restore these areas back to a pre-injury status.

Whiplash and Neck Pain

One of the most painful - yet neglected injuries from a car accident. Neck stiffness and pain often go away after a few short weeks, but the underlying structure is still off balance. Misalignment and often ligament damage occur and set the stages for degenerative discs and joints as you age. Getting this looked at ASAP is the best way to begin correction and add years to the health of your spine.

Seatbelt Induced Midback Pain

As you come to a quick stop inside your car, that seatbelt you are wearing saved you from hitting the steering wheel - a major force blow to the ribcage and chest.
But what you don't know is your mid back spine now has a "twist" in it, causing mid back pain and often acid reflux and indigestion. Getting an exam and x-rays can catch this injury well before any symptoms become permanent.

Lower back, knees and wrists

Low back pain from a car accident?
Yep - we've seen it.
It usually occurs during the braking of a head on or rear-end collision. Your foot and leg get jammed up into your hip and low back.
It may not show up for the first 3-4 days, but pain will eventually set in. Sometimes while you are doing basic things, like doing the dishes, getting out of bed or walking around the neighborhood.
The same thing with wrists and feet - both were used automatically to help prevent further injury to the rest of your body and need to be looked at as well.

Mountlake Terrace Auto Accident Injury Care Center:

Our main focus is to identify and document all your soft tissue injuries, and begin setting the pathway to your full recovery.

Perhaps You Are Searching the Mountlake Terrace area For...

    • Whiplash, neck pain, numbness and tingling after a car accident
    • Car Accident treatment for mid back pain and headaches
    • Airbag wrist injuries and ankle, knee and foot injuries from braking
    • Headaches and jaw pain from whiplash as a result of rear-end collision
    • Muscle and joint pain from being in a car crash

If You Have Been in A Motor Vehicle Accident and are Looking for a Treatment Center in Mountlake Terrace - We are Ready to Help Get You on the Pathway to Health.

Why You Want to Work With Us...

From the moment you walk in to the final steps of your care - our goal is to make sure your function has returned to 100%. We do this using our Car Accident Treatment Program:
Consultation: we take all the information regarding your accident, the types of vectors involved in your injury, the position of your body in the car. We also document how you felt before your accident, immediately after and at the time of your examination
Examination: Over 50 orthor-neuro tests are performed, including cranial nerve tests, to make sure your body doesn't have any hidden injuries. Range of motion tests are done to determine the amount of joint and muscle damage. X-rays are taken to determine joint instability and ligament damage. Once all of this is done, you'll get presented with our Report of Findings to show you all of the musculoskeletal damage and injuries from your accident. A care plan will then be put together to take you through Pain Relief, Correction, and Strengthening, using our 30 day re-exam and report procedures.

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You have up to 3 years to file a claim for treatment of injuries due to a motor vehicle collision. The sooner you can begin care, the faster you can get better with less chance of irreparable damage